It is high season for Maine’s lowbush wild blueberries. There are many ways to enjoy these succulent little superfoods. Let’s try them all!

Blueberry Season

Maine water view with blueberry sign

I love this old sign I found at a local antiques store. My son-in-law is convinced that one day someone will knock on our door asking for blueberries. Do I grow blueberries? Well, I planted two native blueberry bushes last year, but sadly they did not survive the winter. So no, I don’t. I sure do love them, though, and right now is high season for Maine blueberries!

Maine’s State Fruit

Have you ever had Maine wild blueberries? I am not talking about those large cultivated globes you get at the grocery store, imported from who-knows-where. What I am referring to are the delicate little pearls bursting with intense flavor that are the lowbush “wild” blueberry. These small but mighty fruits are full of antioxidants (twice the amount of their larger counterparts!) and contain anti-inflammatory compounds. No surprise they are considered a “superfood”!

How do they grow differently from the blueberries you might be more familiar with?

Blueberry Barrens

Last fall I went for a walk with my sister at a local blueberry field or “barren”. The low bushes are a native species to New England and grow wild on land that was cleared by glaciers over 10,000 years ago. They are not planted and cultivated like the more familiar highbush blueberries, but spread naturally through underground rhizomes. They thrive in Maine’s acidic soil. The berries were traditionally picked by hand using a special rake, but these days commercial enterprises use machines to harvest them. In the fall, the shrub’s deciduous leaves turn a beautiful bronze color.

Let’s Go Get Some Blueberries!

I always get my blueberries from my favorite local farm stand. Lowbush blueberries are small and difficult to harvest. Sometimes they are full of stems and leaves, but Beth’s blueberries are always nice and clean! I usually buy them by the pint, but once a summer I get a 10-lb box so I can freeze them.

Working in batches, I spread the blueberries in a layer on a cookie sheet and place it in the freezer. This way they don’t freeze into a block. Once frozen, I move the berries to a ziplock bag for storage. 10 lbs is enough to last until next blueberry season. What a summery treat they are in the middle of winter!

I want to pause right here in my tribute to the Maine blueberry to say that I know that other parts of the country also grow delicious blueberries. (Tell me below if you live in one of those areas!) The main idea I want to encourage is to eat what is in season and is grown locally. The fresher the food, the better it will taste and the more nutrients it will contain! Win-win! So, when it is blueberry season here in Maine, I am all in!

How Do You Like to Eat Your Blueberries?

Maine blueberries are delicious prepared in many ways! I eat them every morning for breakfast this time of year with granola and yogurt. You could substitute vanilla ice cream for the yogurt and have an easy dessert! (Or decadent breakfast!)

Other blueberry breakfast treats are coffee cake or scones.

I also like to add blueberries to a salad. When friends came for lunch last week I made a salad of mixed greens, sugar snap peas, green onions, slivered almonds, feta cheese, chick peas, strawberries, and blueberries. I topped it with lemon mint dressing. Yum!

If pie is your thing, this Wild Maine Blueberry Pie is a classic! Wild blueberries make a flatter more runny pie, but it sure is tasty!

McLoon’s Lobster Shack, which I wrote about in a recent blog post, serves an amazing blueberry bread pudding. Give this one a try with your lobster roll, for an authentic Maine experience!

I like to keep it simple with my blueberry dessert. My go-to is this easy Blueberry Cobbler! It is delicious with some fresh grated ginger added to the blueberries too!

Blueberry Cobbler Recipe

All this said, the best way to enjoy wild Maine blueberries might just be by the handful!

If you are wild about blueberries, Shop the Post below to add a little bluety to your life!

Summer is when family and friends come to visit. I will be enjoying time with them (eating blueberries and lobster rolls!), so you won’t see me as often. Rest assured, I will pop back on here when I can, with more content that I know you will love!

Until then, I hope you make the most of every moment this glorious season has to offer! Be well!

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