Fall is in full swing!  

And there is no better way to celebrate the season than to attend a fall festival — especially one that includes pumpkins, “vintage hip” vendors, food trucks, a wine bar, and live music. 

Last weekend I made the long drive from Maine to attend just such an event – the Lucketts Fall Market in Virginia.  

Won’t you join me there?!

Lucketts Store and Markets

The Old Lucketts store is a late 1800’s general store in Lucketts, Virginia that was turned into a “vintage hip” multi-vendor space that sells old and new home furnishings and decor.

In the spring and fall they hold an outdoor market featuring additional vendors, food trucks, a wine bar, and live music — all with the same “vintage hip” vibe!

It is like a big old vintage/antique party!

Get information on the Lucketts Markets here.

I had been to the Lucketts store and the Spring Market multiple times when I lived in Maryland. In February, my daughter Zoë and I found some great pieces for her daughter Poppy’s nursery at the Lucketts store.

Years ago at the Spring Market I got a wonderful salvaged architectural piece that made the move to Maine with me and now graces the upstairs hallway. It makes such a statement!

I had never been to the Fall Market, though, so I was ready to make the trip!

Lucketts also holds a Holiday House from early November through early December. This fully decorated home is full of holiday inspiration and all the decor is for sale! I would love to go sometime! Get all the information here.

Getting There

I chose to drive instead of fly to the DC area for this event so that I would have plenty of room for my purchases!

I hadn’t made the drive from Maine to Maryland since 2019. Before I moved up here full-time, the long journey up and down 95 was nothing. I would regularly come to Maine for a long weekend!

I don’t know if the drive has gotten worse or if I have become unaccustomed to highway traffic. Most of my drive time these days is on quiet country roads or easy-going Rte. 1. Wow, there were so many cars and huge trucks on the highway! And construction all over the place. Even if they weren’t actively working, it seemed like there were jersey barriers and bright orange reflective cones everywhere.

It all made for a tough drive! Most importantly, though, I made it to my destination safely.

And excited to see friends and family and do some fun shopping!

The Lucketts markets take place at the Clarke County Fairgrounds in Berryville, Virginia. It was about a 1 1/2 hour drive from my friend’s house near Baltimore, MD, where I was staying. Part of the route took us on the kind of country roads I am used to these days, so it was a much better day of driving!

Parking was ample and free!

We had Early Bird tickets, so were able to shop on Friday from 8:30 until 12:30, when the show opens for general admission. If you are looking for a specific piece of furniture, I would recommend Early Bird shopping. We got there around 10 and quite a bit of furniture was already marked sold!

Let’s go for a stroll around the market!

A Stroll Around the Market

The Fall Market had all the feels of a fun fall festival.

What a beautiful welcome to the market! Yes, that is a wheelbarrow full of plants perched on the top of the tent! Music was playing and the whole place had a fun and festive vibe.

Zoë and I posed for a photo in the “Pumpkin House”, located in the center of the market. So fun!

While the market is not as big as Brimfield, it is far more curated. The booths were beautifully styled and decorated for fall. Some had even gotten a head start on Christmas!

There was a good mix of vintage, antique, upcycled, hand-crafted, and new decor. Something for everyone!

It was not just a fun shopping experience, but there was also so much creative inspiration!

You can read about my Brimfield shopping experience in my post Let’s Go To the Brimfield Flea Market Together!.

Food and Drinks

Even the food and drink vendors were full of charm.

I enjoyed a brown sugar latte from this cute little trailer.

And a veggie burrito for lunch from this food truck.

Then we all had a seat on hay bales draped with colorful quilts around a low table. Live music played nearby.

In the late afternoon, when we were tired from shopping, we took a break and split a bottle of sparkling rosé at the wine bar, before making our final rounds.

It was such a fun day!

What Came Home With Me

I wasn’t looking for anything specific. As you all know, I really don’t “need” anything, ha!

So it was fun to wander leisurely, open to whatever caught my eye.

As usual, I came away with a very “Molly in Maine” haul.

Some large sugar pinecones to add to my Christmas decor.

A vintage pinecone wreath.

6 small antique bird prints. I don’t know whether I will frame these and hang them with their bird friends in the living room or maybe use them unframed on the mantel at some point. What do you think?!

An old worn basket with blue accents. You can never have too many baskets, right?!

A thick oversized flannel shirt.

And a spongeware bowl to add to my collection. Even though I have told myself I don’t need any more, I couldn’t resist the large size and reasonable price. It has already found a spot on the dining room table, stacked with another bowl and filled with gourds for fall.

Zoë got a fabulous pine bench to hold plants in their bedroom. My host for the weekend, Patrice, couldn’t say no to a gorgeous jacket made from a kantha quilt. And another friend, Jill, went home with a variety of pumpkins and a wonderful wooden Halloween witch.

We all came away with our own “treasures”!

My blogging friend Marian, Miss Mustard Seed, also attended the market and wrote a great post on her experience. Unfortunately we did not run into each other there.

Bonus: A Charity Rummage Sale

On Sunday Patrice and I headed out again, this time to thrift at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center Nearly New Sale. This is a huge rummage sale held twice a year, with great deals on gently used clothing, household goods, holiday decor, books, artwork, toys, jewelry and more.

The prices were extremely reasonable. I got a Samsonite carry-on bag for $13, an embroidered silk jacket for $8, and a cozy sweater for $12.

I splurged on two antique ship lithographs for $25 each. Still a great deal! They are the perfect addition to the gallery wall above the bed in the “Captain’s Bedroom”, don’t you think?!

Do you understand now why I chose to drive for this trip?!

This Week Into Next

I had such a great weekend away! In addition to shopping, I had dinner with friends Friday and Sunday.

And I spent all day Saturday with Zoë, her husband Sam, and of course my sweet little Poppy girl! What a joy!

It is always a little weird for me to revisit the places I called home for so long. In some ways they are so familiar, and in other ways they feel completely different. It can seem like another lifetime, which I guess it sort of was!

I left my old life early on Monday morning, so the drive back was better than the one down. Still long, but at least I wasn’t driving for hours in the dark.

And of course it felt wonderful to pull in our driveway and walk through the front door to be greeted by Maddie and Cisco, with the ocean stretching to the horizon out the back window. Home sweet home.

I made lentil soup and settled in for a cozy night.

Friday I was off again! This time by plane to Chicago to celebrate my dad’s 90th birthday. But shhhh! Don’t say a word, because it is a surprise! (Not to worry — he doesn’t read my blog…) I am looking forward to seeing three of my kids and my grandson Jamie there, as well as my sister and her family!

Recently there has been so much sadness, loss, and conflict in the world, near and far. These are certainly unsettled times. Hold your loved ones tight. Take comfort in the place you call home, no matter how humble. Be grateful for the comforts we often take for granted. And always be kind.

Peace, friends.


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