Nothing says summer in Maine like a lobster roll enjoyed at a waterside shack! Join me on a visit to the best little lobster joint in Maine!

McLoon’s Lobster Shack

Maine is probably best known for lobster –those bright red crustaceans fondly called sea “bugs”. And I am fortunate to live smack dab in the middle of lobster country! I wake each morning in summer to the low rumble of lobster boats hauling traps just off the coast from our home. I can purchase lobster fresh off the dock at any number of local spots, and just about every restaurant has at least one lobster dish on the menu.

While I regularly eat a vegetarian diet, I couldn’t live in Maine without the occasional lobster. However, the whole process of picking meat from the shell is just not my thing…. My lobster dish of choice is a good old fashioned lobster roll — tender chunks of (already picked!) lobster meat on a buttery toasted hotdog bun.

Last July, Yankee Magazine, the premier New England lifestyle magazine, published an article on where to find the best lobster roll in Maine. It turns out the place they selected is just a short drive from our home — McLoon’s Lobster Shack on Spruce Head Island! I take all my summer guests there.

So, let’s go!

The Setting

One of the criteria Yankee Magazine used to rate each lobster shack was setting. As they say in the article: “Every great roll deserves a great view.” And boy, does McLoon’s have a great view! The setting of ocean, spruce trees, rocky coastline, and bobbing lobster boats doesn’t get any more classically Maine. (Or the lobster any fresher, the dock is right next door!) We even caught a lobster boat coming in the other day when we were there.

I hope you brought a fleece — it is always breezy here!

The Meat of the Matter

Now let’s get to the meat of the matter…. literally. The most important ingredient in a great lobster roll is, of course, the lobster! We are fortunate here in Maine to have the very freshest lobster. Therefore, the best lobster rolls are those that keep things simple, allowing the lobster to shine. McLoon’s lobster roll consists of large chunks of tender lobster meat with your choice of mayo and/or butter as condiments. That means a little mayo on the bottom of the bun (not slathered all over it) and a drizzle of melted butter. That’s it! No lettuce! No lemon! No celery!

The bun is also a very important element in creating the best lobster roll. It must be a split top hot dog roll, buttered, and toasted on a griddle until each side is crisp.

One of the things that I love about McLoon’s lobster rolls is that the lobster fits nicely into the roll, so that you can easily pick it up and eat it. I know that a true Mainer would probably say there is no such thing as too much “lobstah”, but as the Yankee Magazine article aptly says, each bite should be a “medley of sweet meat, buttery bun, and sauce.”

Simple coleslaw, chips , and a pickle on the side are a must!

Make Your Own Lobster Roll

I know most of you are not lucky like me to call this beautiful little corner of the world, just a short drive from McLoon’s Lobster Shack, home. No worries! Here is the recipe, so you can make your own!

I won’t tell if you change it up. Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa, adds dill, parsley, and celery and serves hers warm. No one would argue with Ina, right?

Order online!

Don’t feel like cooking? McLoons ships overnight, so you can order your own taste of Maine delivered right to your home! You can even order some cool swag so your friends will think you actually made the trip here!

Other Great Lobster Shacks

McLoon’s might be my favorite lobster shack. And it was picked as the best last year by Yankee Magazine. But taste is subjective, and there are many other lobster shacks here in Maine serving delicious lobster rolls. If you are visiting another part of Maine, check out the Yankee Magazine article Where’s the Best Lobster Roll in Maine? | Expert Yankee Picks to find their top-rated local shack!

Set a Lobster-themed table

If you are enjoying a lobster dinner at home, have fun and set a lobster-themed table too! Check out my blog post Coastal Maine Patriotic Decor to Enjoy All Summer Long for more table ideas.

And Shop my Post below for more lobster-themed fun in your life! (I own the cardigan with the blue lobster on the back and the striped hoodie sweatshirt!)

Thanks for visiting McLoon’s with me today! I hope you enjoyed our outing!

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