Transition from winter to early spring with branches and flowers, fresh mantel and coffee table decor, and bedding in soft spring colors.

Winter to Spring

I had my breakfast out on the deck the other morning.

Oh, don’t get me wrong — the temps were in the 20’s and there was ice on the rocks out in the harbor.

But the sun was bright and warm. Snuggled under a blanket, with my mug of hot coffee, it felt so good.

And gave me hope for warmer days ahead.

I do enjoy the quiet cozy of winter.

But just as Mother Nature will soon start to awaken from her season of rest, I am starting to feel that stirring in myself too.

A desire to shed layers.

To lighten and brighten.

I know I was just writing about winter decor, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

And so begins the (very) gradual transition to spring.

Maybe a wee early this year… so with a cozy spin!

Read on to see how I added some early spring touches to my home — branches and flowers, fresh mantel and coffee table decor, and some beautiful bedding in soft colors.

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You know I love to change up my bedding seasonally.

My bed had been dressed with its holiday/winter bedding since the end of November.

You can have a peek at it, and read how I purposely planned for it to transition seamlessly from holiday to winter in my post Settle In For A Long Winter’s Nap With Cozy Flannel Bedding.

I do love the snuggly flannel sheets and deep colors, but was feeling ready for something fresh. Something that would still keep me warm as we head into the long chilly Maine spring, but that felt lighter, brighter, and, well, more springy!


And then The Company Store catalog arrived in my mailbox.

Yes, I still get so many catalogs. Do you?

I always have a look at The Company Store catalog, though. I have bought so much great bedding from them through the years.

Much to my delight, I learned that TCS and Rifle Paper Co — two of my favorite companies — have gotten together to produce a line of bedding!

I have to say that Rifle’s signature colorful hand-painted florals and TCS’s silky premium bedding are a match made in heaven!

There are four different patterns in the Rifle Paper Co x The Company Store Collection, each as lovely as the next.

I went with the Bramble Garden Floral Classic Smooth Satin duvet cover with matching shams and the coordinating Laurel Classic Smooth Satin sheet set.

The Bramble Floral truly is one of the most beautiful patterns I have ever seen. And the soft springy colors look like they were made to go with my antique painted headboard.

I am in love!

The beautiful coordinating lumbar pillow was already sold out when I placed my order (it is back in stock now, though!), so I layered on some pillows that I found at HomeGoods.

I am also happy that I have some The Company Store flannel sheets from years ago, that “mix and match” with the Bramble Garden Floral pattern. So my bed can look like spring, but I can still keep my cozy on until it warms up here in Maine! Then I will switch out for the Laurel pattern percale sheets.

I have linked my bedding as well as the other Rifle Paper Co x The Company Store Collection patterns below!

Shopping Links:

Mantel and Coffee Table Decor

Call me a bad blogger, because I just shared my winter coffee table and mantel three weeks ago.

You can take a look at it here, if you are still enjoying all those cozy winter vibes.

In my defense, I wouldn’t call my new decor full-on spring.

It is really more neutral.

And definitely simpler. Streamlined. Fresh!

Exactly what I am craving right now.


The mantel showcases a favorite old friend that I had to take down when I brought home that gorgeous painted Bavarian cabinet last November. (Have I shared that on the blog yet? I definitely need to tell its story!)

Since then, this fabulous antique seagull lithograph has been leaning up against a wall in the den. I sat through a very long auction just to bid on this special piece at the very end.

I am still pondering a new permanent spot for it, but for now I was happy to, at least temporarily, give it the prominence it deserves.

As I was going for an “unstyled” look, I simply rested the frame on the mantel, leaning up against the stone.

Off-center, to the left.

To offset the large artwork, on the right I arranged a grouping of old books in the same gold/tan colors as the frame. And a tall thin vintage bottle holding a few pussy willow branches.

The finishing touches are a small bottle and thin book on the left.

Pro tip:

It is all about balance and proportion.

Remember that an odd number of objects works best. I know I have two groupings here, but the frame, bottle, and book (3 objects) take up about 2/3 of the mantel. One the right, there are five objects. And the pussy willow branches add needed height.

I always play a bit with an arrangement until it looks right. Trust your eye!

You can read more about decorating with old books in last week’s post A Cozy Faux Fireplace Bedroom Reading Nook

Coffe table

For the ottoman/coffee table I was going for something a little more low-profile than the dramatic display with the tall hurricanes, greenery, and branches I had for winter. Again, though, nothing here really screams spring.

I kept the same base — a wooden tray with two coffee table books — and reprised my “basket of books” idea from last year.

What is it with me and book decor right now?!

This time I used a smaller basket. I still have the larger basket elsewhere in the living room.

On the other side of the tray, to balance the rough texture of the basket and old books, I went with a blue and white platter with three miniature blue and white tea cups holding faux blooms. I ordered the little hyacinth and snowdrop plants from Amazon back in 2021. Unfortunately they are no longer available. Sorry!

The last addition was a pressed glass “spooner” (Victorian-era tea spoon holders) standing in as a candle holder for a flameless pillar.


Branches and Flowers

All the greenery and pinecones have now been put away.

Let’s find a fresh replacement!

This is the time of year that tulips and daffodils start showing up at the grocery store. I would have to say that daffodils are my favorite flower. They are just so sunny and happy!

Tulips are a close second, though.

My grocery store also has pussy willow branches. With their neutral coloring, they make a perfect transition to early spring. And I love that, even without water, they will last all season long (and beyond)!

For the dining area hutch, daffodils went in a small vase Zoë and Sam gave me for Christmas from their trip to Copenhagen.

A pitcher of daffodils and tulips brighten my bedside table.

Pussy willows adorn the mantels on both sides of the fireplace.

And foraged branches with large fuzzy buds fill a pretty majolica pitcher on the bedroom reading nook mantel.

If you do nothing else to transition to spring, I encourage you to add some blooms to your grocery cart. They are certain to make you smile!

In Zoë’s Kitchen

I am absolutely thrilled to share that my daughter Zoë is launching a newsletter today!

Each week she will share two seasonal “veg-forward” recipes to help you with your meal planning.

Zoë is adventurous in the kitchen and a fabulous cook.

Whenever I need a recipe idea, I ask her.

Now you can get her recommendations too!

Once you subscribe, the weekly newsletter will arrive in your mailbox each Saturday morning.

It will include:

  • Links to the recipes
  • 411 on the recipes
  • Her technique tips
  • Her signature taste-to-time ratio for each recipe

Zoë pointed out that the MiM blog and In Zoë’s Kitchen would make the perfect weekend reading combo! I have to agree!

Subscribe to “In Zoë’s Kitchen”. It’s free!

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Also, I was prompted to create an account on Substack, but Zoê said that this is not necessary to receive her newsletter. Be sure to let me know if you have any questions about signing up!

This Week Into Next

Winter Break

This past week was “winter break” for me.

I have mentioned before that I am a board member and volunteer at our local food pantry. I am heavily involved with the Weekend Meal Program. Each week we pack 500 meal kits which kids at local schools bring home for the weekend. They get two breakfasts, two lunches, a milk, and a number of snacks, including fresh fruit and veggies. Times 500, that makes for a lot of food! I manage prep and assembly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and deliver to three schools on Thursday mornings.

So, since the kids were on vacation this week, I had some extra time on my hands! I did some cleaning projects around the house and got out to some antiques stores.


I also chose to get in some longer workouts this week.

Back in 2018, one of my favorite Peloton instructors, Christine D’Ercole, rode her bike 36 miles and 10, 331 feet of elevation to the top of Haleakala in Hawaii. It took her 5 hours.

Afterwards, she created and taught five 1-hour classes that simulate her ride up the volcano.

And this week, on four different days, I am doing one of those classes. (One class has “aged off” the streaming library.) I did one and two on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday I will do a low impact ride and some strength training. Then I will finish up on Saturday and Sunday.

After a cool down ride and some stretching, I have been replenishing myself with this nutrient-rich smoothie:

  • Two handfuls of ice
  • 1 C oat milk
  • One big spoonful of almond butter
  • 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder
  • 1 banana
  • A large handful of baby spinach
  • Add all the ingredients to a blender and blend on high until smooth.

I am wondering if there would be any interest in a post on my workout regimen, how it fits into my life, and what I think of Peloton. Let me know in comments! I understand if it is too “off brand” for you! As always, if you want to find me on Peloton, I am Molly in Maine there too!

I am headed to Portland tomorrow to go to Trader Joe’s and maybe a stop at Target. Big day!!

Don’t forget to go check out Zoë’s newsletter!

Be well, friends!


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