I might not actually be settling in for a long winter’s nap, but I am definitely getting my cozy on with warm bedding in cheery patterns.

Flannel Sheet Season

Do you know what season it is?!

The holiday season might just be starting, but flannel sheet season here in Maine is already well under way!

Do you enjoy flannel sheets?

My love for them runs deep. Long before I moved to Maine.

They are soft and cozy. And best of all, they are warm when you get in bed at night.

With the family coming for Christmas this year, I want to make sure the bedding in each of the rooms is cheery and welcoming.

Today I am showing you how I make the beds with cozy layers and soft textures for winter.

And of course that includes flannel sheets on all of them!

The best thing?! This bedding is not just for the holiday season — it will brighten and warm your beds (and toes!) through February and beyond!

Let’s get our cozy on!

Main Bedroom

Last year I was lucky to partner with Garnet Hill for a holiday bedding refresh.

I made sure that everything I chose — floral Mayberry organic cotton flannel sheets, white scalloped Trapunto quilt, and plaid wool and cashmere throw and pillow — would carry me beyond Christmas and through the winter.

The beautiful Noel embroidered pillow cover lent a touch of holiday cheer.

This year I added a boldly patterned comforter and shams in William Morris’s Strawberry Thief pattern.

William Morris, part of the British Arts and Crafts Movement of the late 1800’s to early 1900’s, was a designer, craftsman, poet, and social activist. He is now best known for his stylized floral textile and wallpaper designs.

My bedding set is made by Morris & Co, but I was lucky to find it at my local HomeGoods!

I have to admit that the bold reds are not my normal color palette for our home here, but I am liking it for this time of year when it can be rather bleak outside.

Pro tip:

Notice I have a mix of pattern sizes — small floral on the sheets, large on the comforter and shams, and a geometric for the pillow and throw. So as not to overwhelm, the comforter is folded at the foot of the bed. The neutral white quilt acts as a “palate cleanser”, while its beautiful stitched pattern adds texture.

A Little Christmas

Yes, that is a Christmas tree you see in the bedroom!

I will share more about it soon, but for now, I will say that I am in love with the warm glow it adds to the space!

See my post Planning My Holiday Home Part 1 — Greenery and Decor for a link to this exact tree.

More to come!

The Captain’s Bedroom

I fell in love with LL Bean’s Coastal Landscape flannel sheet pattern for the Captain’s Bedroom.

With its design of fish shacks, spruce-dotted islands, lobster boats, and seagulls, it mimics the view out our windows. It is quintessential coastal Maine!

I paired the sheets with a Garnet Hill quilt I already owned and a fluffy white duvet folded at the foot of the bed.

The quilt is no longer available, but I have linked one below from the Company Store that has a similar look. Bonus, it is 30% off right now!

The sailing ship needlepoint pillow was a local purchase. I keep it out year round. It goes perfectly with the vintage sailing ship prints hanging above the bed.

Shopping Sources:

Waterside Guest Bedroom

I turned again to iconic Maine business LL Bean for the sheets in the waterside guest room.

The pretty Birch Floral pattern has many of the same colors as The Company Store quilt I have had for years. It is also no longer available, but I have linked a patchwork quilt that is similar below

The plaid throw pillow was a HomeGoods find and the blanket is from Garnet Hill (linked above).

Pro tip:

While the pattern of the sheets and quilt here are similar in scale, the white background of the sheets creates contrast.

I always like to have something — a quilt, comforter, or blanket — folded at the foot of the bed. It gives the bed a finished look and it is nice to have an extra layer at the ready in case the sleeper gets chilly. And of course it is the opportunity to add another pattern or texture — or sometimes to give a break from all the pattern.

Shopping Sources:

Guest Cottage

Remember the guest cottage?! I have to admit I sort of forget about it this time of year.

But it will be full at Christmas! (Probably with two adults, a baby, and a dog!)

For the bed here this year, I added a new comforter cover and throw pillow to sheets, quilt, and shams I have had for years.

The flannel plaid sheets are a classic windowpane plaid from LL Bean. (A Maine home has to have plenty of LL Bean in it!) I don’t see them on the website, but I am linking some that are similar below.

The quilt and shams are old from The Company Store. Again, I have linked something similar below.

And the Woodland Winter organic cotton flannel duvet cover is new this year from Garnet Hill. I absolutely adore this enchanting print with its forest critters, trees, and berries. And it just happens to coordinate perfectly with the bedding I already had for this space!

The red and white buffalo check throw pillow is another HomeGoods find.

I know there is a lot of pattern going on here, but I just love how they all play with one another. This was a fun one!

Shopping Sources:

Pinterest “Cozy Winter Bedding” Board

This Week Into Next

I actually had fun pulling all these beds together.

You can clearly see that I am not a plain white sheet gal. Playing with pattern and color brings me such joy!

For more on my mix and match bed styling, check out these posts:

Summer Ready in the Guest Cottage

A Bedding-Inspired Spring Bedroom Refresh

Cozy Cottage Mix and Match Bedding

I enjoyed styling the beds, but getting the photos for this post was tough. Today was dark and stormy. It definitely was not one of those sunglasses-on-in-the-house kind of mornings. I hope that made for a cozy feel to the photos!

Now it is time for a quick workout, and then I have two dishes to prep for Thanksgiving.

By the time you read this, I hope you will have enjoyed a wonderful holiday and maybe snagged a few good deals at the Black Friday sales!

This weekend Christmas decorating will begin in earnest for me.

And shopping too!

This will be my first Christmas with grandbabies to shop for! Any great gift recommendations?! Jamie will be 11 months and Poppy 9 months.

Gotta run!

Peace and love,


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