It is the first day of fall, and I am ready! Let me show you how I evoke all the fall feels in my living room with just a few decor changes!

Fall Feels

It is the autumn equinox.

So, are you ready for it??

You know what I am talking about right?

All those sights, scents, tastes, sounds, and FEELS that are uniquely fall:

The patchwork of contrasting bright and shadow that spreads across the living room in the morning.

A candle’s warm flicker.

Snuggling under a blanket to read on a rainy day.

Morning coffee on the deck, when the air is cool, but the sun is still warm.

Evenings when the rose colored limelights match the sky as the sun sets.

That snap to the air I notice now when I let Maddie and Cisco out before bed.

The smell of dried leaves. Spice and smoke.

A cozy soft sweater or an old flannel shirt.

Biting into a perfectly crisp apple.

A Jack o’Lantern’s cheery smile.

Leaves crunching underfoot.

The aching sweetness of too much candy corn (And I always eat too much…)

I want to take it all in!

My Fall Living Room

So, when it comes to the home this time of year, I try to evoke these same feelings through my decor.

To me, it is something deeper than just putting out a few pumpkins or filling a vase with a spray of fall foliage.

Not that I have anything against either of these elements! I love bringing the outdoors in!

But I like to create a mood with, you guessed it, color, pattern, and texture.

Darker and warmer colors.

Old fashioned florals and classic plaid.

Soft fabrics, quilts, and chunky knits combine with my usual wicker and worn wood.

I will certainly be adding more layers as we get further into the season, but here are the few changes I have made so far to welcome fall.

Throws and Pillows

I started with new pillow covers from Etsy for the sofa and loveseat.

As I have said before, this is the easiest way to change things up for the season. And Etsy has a wide selection of designer fabrics and sizes.

This season I am really feeling the dark blues and warm browns.

I am leaving the blue and white striped and solid white slipcovers in place for now. And I also had to work with the fabric on the coffee-table ottoman, and the three occasional chairs — all in varying combinations of blues, whites, khaki, and gray.

I went with four different floral prints:

  • small dark blue and cream print on a medium blue background
  • small blue and khaki print on a natural background
  • medium chocolate brown and tan print on a cream base
  • largish rust and navy print on a natural background

For the blue chairs and swivel chairs by the fireplace, I pulled out some favorite old blue and tan wool plaid pillow covers. Nothing says fall more than plaid, and wool has the coziest feel!

None of these patterns actually “match”, but they all pull on colors that can be found throughout the room, and create a comfy “collected over time” look.

Plus they are all interchangeable. I can toss any pillow on any piece of furniture!

A kantha quilt across the back of the sofa and a plaid wool blanket folded on a chair are ready for snuggling, while also adding more cozy layers.

The combination of mixed colors and patterns creates a relaxed comfortable feel in the room.

You can shop my pillows here:

Mantel Decor

A new season also means new mantel decor!

This year I went simple, while keeping warm fall colors and textures in mind.

I am lucky to have a friend who collects and sells art. She had this wonderful vintage painting of a moody fall woodland scene. It actually reminds me a bit of where I grew up.

It was my starting point.

A trip to a local antiques store yielded the antique brown and white aesthetic movement transferware pitcher. It has a bit of damage on the bottom, but that doesn’t bother me! And it meant I got a good deal!

As with my blue and white transferware collection on the other side of the fireplace, I love the contrast of the refined ironstone set against the rough stone.

A bouquet of cattails clipped on our shoreline add height and are a fun coastal twist on fall foliage. Every display needs something natural!

I wanted to bring some blue into the arrangement, so I dug in the basement for a trio of my copper lusterware pitchers. Their metallic glaze adds a bit of glimmer and again contrasts with the rustic stone.

I also love how the blue stripes echo the Cornishware in the dining room hutch. Design is in the details!

Lastly, I stuck a Victorian carved wood piece in the center pitcher. It is flat on the back, so was probably used as an embellishment on a piece of furniture. I am not sure if it is flowers and leaves or some kind of fruit or nut. What is your guess? It is always fun to add something unique and unexpected to an arrangement!

Pro tip

A quick word about asymmetry and height. I tend to think that asymmetrical arrangements are more interesting and have more energy. That is not to say you should ignore balance. On this mantel there is a large center focal point flanked by a medium sized piece on the left and three smaller ones on the right. The three smaller pieces balance the single medium.

And there is a kind of symmetry in that there is a center piece flanked by one “grouping” on each side. Having three lustreware pitchers on the right repeats the overall symmetrical trio.

Remember that odd-numbered groupings are generally most pleasing to the eye.

As for height, that should be varied too. You can see that this arrangement goes from tallest on the left to shortest on the right. I tend to like to move from left to right, since that is the way our eye generally reads things. Or maybe it is because I am left handed?!

Sometimes you need to play with an arrangement for a bit to get the best configuration, but I hope these tips help!

Small touches

I left the arrangement on the coffee-table ottoman as is, except for adding a candle.

Its cozy glow is all that is needed to make this coastal vignette fall-ready.

You could use an artificial candle on a timer, so it automatically comes on at dusk.

Or choose your favorite fall scent! This time of year I love the Fireside Woodwick candle . With notes of spice and smoke, it just smells like fall to me!

Table lamps are a must these days! I turn them on as soon as the shadows start to creep into the house. I even have the lamp on the corner table in the living room set to turn on automatically at sunset.

And of course there are always some mellow tunes playing in the house this time of year. We have a joke in our family that we can only listen to Norah Jones in the fall. James Taylor’s October Road album is another favorite. And I have also finally been bitten by the Taylor Swift bug. I know, a little late to the party, right?! Her mellow tunes definitely have a fall vibe. Spotify has all kinds of great fall playlists! Or make your own!

Most importantly, take the time to appreciate all the beauty of the season!

Every last detail!

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This Week Into Next

Last Saturday’s storm turned out to be pretty much a non-event for us. I am thankful, because there will be plenty of times we will not be so lucky. Our home is completely exposed, so tends to get slammed by wind off the ocean. After 5 years in the house, it still scares me!

I recently visited Elmer’s Barn in Whitefield, looking for a few things for the mantel. This place is a picker’s dream, full of both treasures and trash! I will definitely share it with you sometime!

I made Molly Yeh’s Apple and Honey Pizza for dinner one night (and leftovers). This is a fall favorite! Such a unique and delicious combination of flavors. I highly recommend that you give it a try!

Tomorrow there is a small antiques show in a nearby town. I will bring you along in stories over on Instagram!

Otherwise I am getting back into my non-summer routine — volunteer work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and writing my blog post on Friday. Monday is my play day!

Or sometimes cleaning day, ha!

I am so looking forward to visiting family and friends next month, and even getting to meet some friends from IG!

That’s it for this week.

Happy Fall!

Be well, friends!


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