My journey from comfortable urban familiarity to life in a small fishing village on the coast of Maine and my “second run” as a home and lifestyle blogger.

Welcome friends! 

It has taken me three years, but here I am finally with my own little spot in the blogosphere!  If you have followed me over to this space from Instagram, I am grateful for your continued support!  And if you are brand new to me, I am so happy to meet you!  

It was my intention in early 2019 to start a home and lifestyle blog.  After retiring from a 34-year career with the federal government and launching my three children into the world, I was ready for something new and completely different — my “second run”, as my husband calls it.  I had already started this bold journey — we had sold our beloved home of 28 years in the Washington D.C. area and moved to a small fishing village on the coast of Maine.  I left behind friends, family, the only job I ever had, and everything that was familiar.  My husband works on the West Coast and our children are scattered across the country, so there were many times when I seriously questioned what I had done.  

My family, my heart

The fact was, though, for many years I had longed for a life of quiet beauty.  I fell in love with New England when I went to college in New Hampshire, and with Maine when two of our children went to college here.  And of course it was love at first sight when, in January 2016, I stood in the field on this property and took in the views of harbor, shoreline, island, and ocean; bold rocks, jagged spruce, and soaring birds. We bought a view with two rundown cottages, and in the years since I have overseen the renovation of the guest cottage and construction of the house, and started to tame the wild landscape.

It has been a labor of love because home has always been a special place for me.  I like to create warm and inviting spaces that encourage family and friends to gather and relax.  I think a home should tell the story of people and place.  It should flow with the seasons.  Our homes are a haven from the crazy.  (And oh, how we have been through crazy in the last few years.)  

Which brings us back to 2019 and my “second run”.   I wanted to share this notion of home and life here in Maine with all of you, but I quickly learned that the nuts and bolts of creating a blog at that time were too much for me.  I turned instead to Instagram, and my journey there has been more than I had ever dreamed.  The connections I have made and the doors that have opened to me have been amazing.  

But I have always had a bigger story to share.  You will continue to see me on Instagram, but here on the blog I will go into more depth. I will, of course, chat about home decor, but I also want to get into cooking, maybe a little fashion (is Maine fashion an oxymoron?), some gardening (I am a novice), family time, holiday celebrations, and daily life through the seasons.  We will also go out and about to some of my favorite places here in this beautiful state.  

Bold Journeys and Second Runs

So here I am, friends — Molly in Maine, the blog version! 

Let’s get the conversation started!  Leave me a comment below telling me about a bold journey you have taken in your life!  


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