It’s Memorial Weekend! Join me at home and around “town” to finally welcome summer to the Maine coast after a very long winter.

Memorial Weekend

Summer is here, and the guest cottage is open!

Nature coming back to life…

It is Memorial Weekend!

On one hand, I can’t believe it is here already.

After all, we have barely had spring. Our temps have been cool and the trees are still not quite fully leafed out.

On the other hand, it seems like Memorial Day has been a long time coming.

We endured a particularly rough winter this year.

Not the snow kind of rough. I would have loved that.

It was the winds, flooding, and destruction kind of rough.

Areas of our property have still not recovered from the storms in January and March. And truthfully, I don’t know if they ever will.

Here on the beautiful coast of Maine, we are definitely facing a new reality. It seems the future has arrived sooner than expected. And I, for one, was not prepared.

But, as spring moves into summer, it is gratifying to see Mother Nature start to heal — or at least have green fill in and cover her scars.

Our community coming back to life…

Another reason I am ready for this Memorial Day holiday and the unofficial start to summer is that, just like nature, our small community starts to come alive and grow this time of year.

This is a popular vacation destination, with both summer homes and weekly rentals.

Winters are quiet, but this weekend shops, restaurants, and galleries start to open up again.

Summer friends are returning.

There is more energy in town. One might even say a little bit of hustle and bustle.

Today, join me at home and around “town” as we welcome summer with fresh decor and (still) beautiful views!

Summer Inside

I have just started updating our home with fresh decor for summer.

Lighter, brighter, and more relaxed.

Really, I am mostly just recycling things I have used previous summers.

But when I bring them out each May, it is like greeting a summer friend.

Saying hello again to summer friends around the home:

Summer in the Guest Cottage

Getting the guest cottage ready is one of the surest signs that summer is here!

This week I spent some extra time cleaning out the fridge and cabinets. Hmm… There was some really old stuff in there…

I have my first guests coming this weekend, and I am ready!

Summer Outside

There is still plenty of work to be done outside.

But I planted the pots on the front steps, got the hammock out, and set up the porch furniture.

It feels good!

Starting to pull things together outside for summer:

Summer Around Town

Our little village will look much different this summer, but we will all make the best of it.

If you remember, we had a fire last October that burned our general store, a restaurant, and part of the ferry terminal. The terminal has been rebuilt already, but the general store is now just a gaping hole surrounded by wire fencing.

There will be a couple food trucks, and a make-shift store, though, and the village coffee shop, watering hole, and gallery will be open as usual.

Additionally, our local beach and lighthouse suffered damage from the storms. Roads have been repaired and barriers put in place.

There is still much beauty to be enjoyed!

This Week Into Next

My new shades

Last weekend I hung new TwoPages Curtains window shades in the Captains Bedroom (aka the Head Banger bedroom…).

You might remember the beautiful drapes I got from them for the living room. I shared them in my post Coordinating Window Treatments in an Open Floor Plan Space.

Despite their name, TwoPages Curtains doesn’t just do curtains!  They also have a wide range of roman, bamboo, roller, and cellular shades. 

I chose the Cordless Natural Paper Bamboo Woven Shade in Blue (of course) with a privacy lining.  

These shades, an eco-friendly mix of ramie, bamboo, and paper, pack a big design punch, adding another layer of texture, color, and subtle pattern to the space.  

They also create privacy at night and make the room a little darker in the morning for my guests.  

The whole room feels more finished now!

The Two Pages Curtains website has an easy measurement calculator so you can get a perfect custom fit.  The shades arrived in just several weeks, and I was able to hang them on my own with no problems! 

If you are in the market for curtains or shades, I definitely recommend you check out the TwoPages Curtains website!

These are the shades I got.

In Zoe’s Kitchen

This week Zoë is sharing why she loves cooking videos, with recipes for Nutritional Yeast Salad Dressing and Breakfast Tacos with Chard Scallion Salsa.

I know “nutritional yeast” doesn’t sound super tasty, but this dressing is a winner. Trust me.

That’s it, friends!

Don’t forget to take time out of your busy weekend to remember and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Always grateful,


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