Our living room is ready for summer! Here are the 7 changes I made to give it that easy breezy coastal Maine summer look!

The Summer Living Room

Summer has arrived in Maine!

Well, at least some days it feels like it has. Earlier in the week it got down to the 30’s at night. Today it was 70°. And Saturday we are only at a high of 53°.

But the lupine are blooming in the field!

And our living room is dressed for summer.

Today I am sharing the 7 changes I made to give it that easy breezy coastal Maine style!

You can achieve this look no matter where you call home!

Because, really, there is nothing like that summer-in-Maine feeling!

1. Blue and White Stripes

Nothing says summer on the coast like blue and white stripes!

This is the original slipcover I chose for the loveseat. Since then I also ordered a pale blue chenille slipcover from the manufacturer that I use during the cold months.

I do love the pale blue, but I look forward each May to pulling out the stripes again. It means summer is not far behind!

You don’t have to cover your sofa in stripes — even a throw pillow or blanket will give you that coastal summer vibe!

2. White Sofa

I also changed out the slipcover on the larger sofa for summer!

In the winter I go with a warm natural color.

But, after Memorial Day, it is time for the sofa to don its summer whites!

The key to living with white upholstered furniture is to get a slipcover made out of performance fabric. Ours is Sunbrella. I can simply toss it in the wash when it starts to look dingy.

We have had this slipcover for four years, and it still looks great and feels summer fresh!

3. A Pretty Floral

This year I had new slipcovers made for the swivel chairs by the fireplace.

I went with a pretty floral that has all the blues and beiges of the rest of the living room, and I have to say that I am in love!

I have seen some beautiful floral upholstered furniture on Instagram lately. Is floral furniture making a comeback?!

Though, really, I don’t care — I am in whether it is “trending” or not!

However, if you don’t feel the same way about floral furniture, add a floral throw pillow or two instead!

4. Mix and Match Throw Pillows

Speaking of which, the easiest way to change things up for the seasons, of course, is to swap out the throw pillows.

I wrote an Instagram post this past week about how happy I always am to see old “decor friends” when I refresh my home for a new season.

I used these same throw pillows last year, and having them back makes it feel like summer!

There is no need to get new decor each season. If you buy things that you love, it will be like seeing an old friend when you bring them out again!

You know I enjoy mixing and matching patterns, so I am using a combination of three different block prints, a stripe that matches the loveseat, two subtle coastal patterns, and two embroidered designs for texture.

For a relaxed summer look, the emphasis should be more on “mix” than on “match”!

5. Quilts and Blankets

Along with throw pillows, quilts and blankets are a great way to add seasonal touches.

The quilt along the back of the sofa is also from last year. I love the pop of pattern it adds to the simple white couch.

The blue and white striped throw blanket was a HomeGoods find. Stripes on stripes — you can never have too many, in my opinion! (See item one!)

6. Natural Fiber Rug

Natural fiber rugs, made from sisal or seagrass, definitely add that easy breezy coastal summer feel to a room.

I used to swap out the whole 8X10 living room rug seasonally. That was a real workout!

Now I leave the sisal rug out year round, and layer a smaller vintage wool Turkish rug on top for the cooler seasons. I love the cozy layered look!

When I roll the wool rug up and put it away for the summer, the sisal by itself feels fresh and new!

7. Mantel Display

I like to change the living room fireplace mantel display seasonally. Sometimes even multiple times in a season! (In fact, look for something different coming next month!)

For summer, I definitely like to keep things more simple. And always a coastal theme.

Currently I have a large vintage sailboat print hanging above the mantel on the stone fireplace.

On the mantel, I arranged a casual mix of vintage and natural elements. The small sailboat print and brass bookend echo the larger print. The driftwood, clam shell, and cork float lend texture and organic shapes. The pins with the chippy blue and white paint add height (and more texture!). The entire arrangement is grounded by the draped fishing net.

This time of year especially, don’t overthink things! I wanted this to look like collected elements that I just put up on the mantel, not really an intentional arrangement.

Remember the look is “easy”, in addition to being breezy!

Year Round Decor

These are the 7 changes I made to get our living room ready for summer. The rest of the furniture and decor stayed as it was.

Granted, since I live on the coast, I decorate with a coastal feel throughout the year.

The shades of blue, gray, and tan I favor echo the colors of sea, rock, and sand.

Light wood furniture brings driftwood to mind.

Seashells, coastal artwork, and my collection of shorebirds speak directly to this place I call home.

Adding any of these elements to your spaces, no matter where you live, will create a relaxed coastal vibe year round.

For more on decorating your home in a coastal Maine style for summer, check out my posts Summer Ready in the Guest Cottage and 6 Ways to Add Coastal Maine Charm to Your Guest Room!

This Week Into Next

My daughter Leah, SIL Adam, and their sweet baby James arrived on Wednesday!

Everyone is gradually settling in. It is especially hard for young Jamie, though, who had a long journey for a 4-month old — by plane from Minneapolis and then a lengthy car ride from Boston.

And let me tell you, he was not happy to see my unfamiliar face when he woke from his nap the first morning! At the moment I am feeling less like Mim and more like “the scary lady”! I know we will all laugh about it one day, though!

We are busy here!

So I am happy I was able to pull this blog post together this week.

A funny story for you: Leah is a wonderful writer. I decided to take advantage of her being here and asked for some help with the post title. Titles are supposed to be kept to a certain length and contain keywords. I was trying to figure out how to include everything I wanted in my title, while keeping it short. (I wasn’t successful….) We got a little silly and joked about going with: Easy Breezy Cheezy Peasy Coastal Toastal Maine Style: Our Summer Living Room.

Would you read a blog with that title, just out of curiosity?!

Well, we at least had a good laugh!

That’s all for this week from The Scary Lady in Maine, aka MiM!

Be well, friends!


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