We let our field grow wild, creating a fertile environment for wildlife, pollinators, rich vegetation, and blooms throughout the summer!

Our Wildflower Meadow

Natural Landscape

On this, the first day of summer, I want to share one of my favorite landscape features in our yard — and definitely the easiest to maintain!

Instead of mowing the field that separates our home from the road, we have allowed it to grow wild, creating a wildflower meadow that is a vibrant host to wildlife, pollinators, tall grasses, and diverse blooms!

In the fall we have the field cut, or “bush-hogged”, as it is called after the machine that does the job. It lies brown and dormant all winter long.

It is amazing to watch the transformation it undergoes in the spring and throughout the summer!

Come Take a Walk With Me and Cisco in the Meadow!

Maine Wild Lupine

Right now the Lupine are just starting to fade. They grow wild everywhere here in Maine — including in our field!

Have you heard of the children’s picture book Miss Rumphius, by Barbara Cooney? It is the story of a woman who chooses to make the world more beautiful by planting lupines in the wild.

The purple, pink, and white flowers definitely make my world more beautiful!


Field and water with flags

There are also many types of grasses in the field. Some of them grow taller than me! I love to watch them dance in the wind!

The view from the field down to the house and the water beyond is one of my favorites!

Across The Field From the House

The view looking up across the field to the guest house and to our neighbor there in the distance isn’t bad either!

Flowers All Summer!

Wildflower meadow with water in the distance

Right now in the field we have buttercups, daisies, clover, and some unknown teeny white flowers.

Later in the summer the field is full of Queen Ann’s Lace and Loosestrife.

This year I planted some Cosmos and Bachelor Buttons. We will see if they take!

A Flowering Tree

Meadow with house

We also planted a Crabapple tree, because I miss the flowering trees from the Washington D.C. area where we used to live.

Displaying Blooms in the House

I like to take a stroll with the dogs in the morning to pick some blooms from the field for bouquets in the house!

The Stone Wall

A couple years ago we had a stone wall built to separate the wild field from the manicured lawn. We also cut a path into the field. One day I would like to get a bench for the top of path so my sister Amy can sit and enjoy the view when she is visiting. The path and the bench were her idea!

In the Fall

The beauty of the field continues into the fall. I am always one of the last to get the field bush-hogged!

In the Winter

Field with dogs and a cottage

And just for grins, here is a photo of what the field looks like in the winter. Can you believe that is the guest cottage before we had it renovated?! Quite a difference, right?!

Would you allow part of your yard to grow wild like this?!

Welcome, Summer!


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