I combined my love of vintage and natural elements to create an easy Easter table that definitely has me in the mood for spring!

This Easter

Can you believe that Easter is just two weeks away?

We won’t be celebrating Easter here this year. In fact, I won’t even be in Maine for the holiday. I’ll get into where I will be and what I will be doing at the end of this post! (Teaser, I know!)

I still decided to do an Easter table, though. I enjoy the creative process.

Plus, it gets me in a springy mood! Whenever I walk by the table now it makes me smile!

And, of course, I wanted something to share with all of you!

So let’s get going!

Table Linens

As at Thanksgiving, my inspiration for the table came from the table linens — this time a tablecloth and matching napkins.

I have a thing for block print fabrics. I like that their designs are graphic and floral at the same time. And I love the imperfections resulting from the fact that they are handmade.

For those of you who don’t know, block printing is the traditional Indian art of printing designs on fabric by hand using carved wooden blocks.

You can get block printed table linens from many places these days, but my favorite source is Etsy. They ship straight from India and are usually quite reasonably priced!

I knew that I wanted a blue and yellow print for spring. This print seemed a little different to me than the usual patterns. And the light blue picks up on the colors in the rug and also in the window treatments.

Generally I just search in Etsy on “block print tablecloth” and what ever colors I am looking for. This tablecloth and napkin set came from the Fabricrush store. I have purchased from them several times and found them to be reliable and fast. And I think they have more interesting and intricate designs than some of the other Etsy sellers.

I have linked my exact table linens below, as well as some other pretty choices for Easter from Amazon!

You can read all about my Thanksgiving table in my post Abundant Harvest Table Setting!

The Centerpiece

For holidays, the centerpiece is where I really like to get creative!

Here is my thought process behind how I pulled this one together!

The Container

I usually prefer my centerpiece in some kind of container instead of just spilling across the table.

A search through my decor treasure trove in the basement for a container that would work left me empty-handed this time. The container and the tablecloth were the only items I purchased new for this table setting. Since neither of these items is holiday specific, I know I will be able to use them both again in different ways!

I wasn’t sure exactly what kind of container I wanted, so I hit my favorite local antiques mall with an open mind.

PRO TIP: Shop your local antiques or thrift stores, instead of the big chains, for interesting one-of-a-kind pieces!

I loved the pretty blue and white bowls and the large antique wood measure. But I wanted something a little bigger and probably rectangular.

The low basket was closer to what I had in mind, but too shallow for the potted flowers I was planning on using.

The basket with the handle was the right size and depth. And of course I loved its texture and the old wear on it.


I am still thinking I might go back for those blue and white bowls to add to my collection!


I always like to include something natural in my table displays. For Easter, of course it had to be some spring blooms! And since daffodils are hands down my favorite spring flower, I didn’t need to think long about that!

We are lucky to have a wonderful flower and wine shop not too far away. Flaura opened just last year, joining a handful of new shops, a coffee store, and a restaurant in a beautiful old town that has seen better days. It is exciting to watch this revitalization and I feel strongly about supporting these small local businesses.

When I was in the other day, it happened to be Flaura’s one year anniversary, so I was treated to a glass of bubbly and a delicious chocolate while I shopped! Cheers!

I chose four potted daffodils, because they last longer than cut flowers and I wanted a “spring garden” look to my arrangement.

When I got home I laid an old plastic shipping bag (recycle!) in the bottom of my new basket to catch any dirt or water and arranged the pots of daffodils on either side of the handle. Then I filled the basket with dried moss. (I ordered mine from Amazon, but you can find it in craft stores.)

I added a few foraged branches to the basket for some extra interest.

Almost done!

Other Elements

The finishing touches to the centerpiece were two vintage flocked bunnies. I have been collecting these in various sizes and poses for years. I think they were sold in Five and Dime Stores. Some of them were banks and have a slot in the back for coins. Fun!


In my blog post I Am My Mother’s Daughter, I wrote about my mom’s Spode Queen’s Bird dishes, which I am now fortunate to call mine. With their pale blue background and pretty bird pattern, they are perfect for spring! It always makes me happy to set the table with them!

You can read more about these dishes, other treasures I inherited from my mom, and the legacy she has left behind in my blog post here.

Glasses & Flatware

The antique pressed glass goblets I chose for the table were also my mom’s. She collected single goblets in all different patterns. I prefer the ones like I used here that have a floral pattern.

Do you see the one in the middle with the bird? That one is my favorite!

I also have some with a geometric pattern that were my grandmother’s.

My everyday flatware is actually vintage silver plate that I got at an estate sale. Vintage flatware is usually better made and less expensive than new. I also think the patterns are prettier!

Pulling It All Together

Pulling it all together is my favorite part of the process! It is always rewarding to see what was in my mind’s eye come to fruition!

I like to stack the dishes for a layered look. Usually I mix and match the dishes, but since the pattern on these is different on each dish, I used only the Queen’s Bird for this setting.

I grounded each place setting with a rattan placemat that has the same texture as the basket.

A pair of yellow pillar candles in simple Walmart hurricanes, two more flocked bunnies, a small brass basket, and a few eggs, and I called it done!

I hope this inspires you in some way! Creating a beautiful table doesn’t have to be complicated!

I have made it even easier for you by including a “shop my post” section below with direct links to products!

The Corner Hutch and Mantel

While I had the bunnies and eggs out, I tucked a few into the corner hutch.

I also placed one on the mantel, along with a bouquet of narcissus. (Also from Flaura)

Do you see that the flocked bunnies have some friends on the top blue and white platter?

Wow, those bunnies seem to be multiplying around the house like, well, rabbits! 😉

Looking Ahead

I had a wonderful trip to Florida! Girl time is always good for the soul! The springlike temps (and hot tub) were a bonus!

I have had a change in plans for the next couple weeks. Grandbaby number 2 will be joining us a little early. The next time I see you all here, I will be Mim twice over! No problem! With almost two months of grandmothering experience under my belt, I am an old hand at it, haha! So, over the Easter holiday, I will be down in DC enjoying time with my new grandchild and helping out the new parents!

But first, tomorrow I am headed out for the Maine Maple Sunday Weekend festivities. The sap is rising, and sugarhouses all over the state will be open and offering samples and demonstrations on how real maple syrup is made. I can’t wait to share this fun very Maine day with all of you on the blog next week!

Thanks for stopping by today!

I hope you have a maple sugar sweet day!

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